Glossary of cycling terms

Cycling has a lot of terms to describe the equipment, racing, tactics, and everything else, not to mention that a lot of the terms come from French or Italian. To make sense of what the heck people are talking about, below are some good online cycling glossaries. An online search for cycling glossary will give you lots of other results, but these links have good lists and avoid the annoying ads of some other sites.Venturing to the velodrome? View this verbiage to verify your velo vocabulary.
Still have questions? Ran into a definition that doesn't make sense? Not everyone uses all terms in the same way, so some informal terms will can end up having different definitions. Drop a note in the comments with any questions you have.

[Update 3-13-09] Bilko (a.k.a. Phil Stephens) shared an excellent list of cycling terms and slang—including road and track—that will soon be posted on the new Marymoor Velodrome website. Find a copy of it here....

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