Multiple races? Pin both race numbers on at once

I love getting the opportunity to race two different categories at the same race: more racing for all that traveling. But for some reason I hate pinning on numbers. Maybe it’s because I’m picky about pinning numbers properly: not pulling awkwardly, tearing holes in my jersey, catching wind, poking me, closing jersey pockets, pinning my jersey and undershirt together, or being invisible to the camera. Whatever it is, I have found that pinning both numbers on at once saves me a lot of time the second time around that day.

Just pin on both numbers, one on top of the other, then use a scissors to cut the first number off (super quick) or just remove one pin at a time from the top number, pull up that corner of the top number and replace the pin only in the bottom number—this avoids finding the right position again for the second number.


Anonymous said...

You can always just glue them on. Use super 77 from 3M, which is a play on glue and it works perfectly. I still need to get a bottle, but you don't have to worry about pins ever again. Once done it comes off really easy.


Lucas Wall said...

I have heard that spray adhesive is really simple, but I've never used it. I have also heard that the adhesive can build up in your jersey over time, the number can start to peel off when you get really sweaty, and it doesn't work well if you have to remove your number and reposition it. But I'd love to hear more from people who have used it! If I can ditch the pins (or just use a couple to back up the spray adhesive), that'd be great!